Puppy Selection Process:

My goal was designed to ensure the process would be simple to understand, easy for us to utilize, and fair to our
puppy parents interested in getting a puppy from us.  I have spelled out in the following description of choices for
our clients, to decide how much and when you would like to being involved in the initial selection process.  We will
do our best to describe how the process works, and then provide descriptions and meanings of each choice for
you, so there is no confusion as to what is meant by each choice you have.

First:                    We take names and numbers for the WAITING LIST.

Second:              We take Deposits for a specific litter, gender, color, size, etc.

Third:                   Birth of the puppies, we give "HEADS UP NOTICE" to all puppy parents on the waiting
                          list & those with deposits.

Fourth:                PHOTOS  of the litter are taken, and emailed to clients, and updated on the website.  
                         (individual photos are taken of the German Shepherd pups)  

Fifth:                    Those puppy parents with deposits in order received will have first choice to
                            SELECT PUPPY PHOTOS if they so desire. Or those parents wishing us to pick for them,
                            we will do so as soon as the puppies are born. Then the waiting list people with no deposits,
                            will be the next order of opportunity to pick. If those on the waiting list with no deposits pick
                            a puppy, they will need to pay their deposit in order to hold that puppy.

Sixth:                   More puppy parents will have the opportunity to place deposits and/or get added to the waiting list.

Seventh:              First showing-meeting puppy day.  This is usually on the Saturday following the puppies 5
                             weeks age.  

Eighth:                 Visiting day, scheduled in advance for viewing, playing and bonding with your puppy.

Ninth:                   Balance is due the day you pick up your puppy, unless it is shipped, where upon, payment
                             is due 10 days prior.


Waiting list:          You are welcome to get on the waiting list. There is no commitment on clients part for the
                              purchase of a puppy  just to be on the waiting list.  If you give us your name, phone number,
                              email, address, puppy   preference i.e.: litter preference, gender, color, size, etc.

Deposits:              We encourage you to put a deposit if you are wanting to wait for a puppy and are more specific
                              about any of  the following: If you would like a specific combination of parents, specific color or
                              gender, or a specific time of  year such as during the holidays or spring-summer etc. This will
                              ensure you a more likely chance  of getting  exactly what you are looking for.

                              We Require a non-refundable initial deposit of $250.00 to ensure you will get a puppy.

                             The remaining final balance on any puppy is due at the pick up of the puppy paid in cash
                              unless the puppy is being  shipped, then full payment must be made 10 days prior to shipping

Marking Puppies:   Puppies are collared with
Pup Colors which grow with the puppies, so there is no confusion as
                                   to which   puppy belongs to which puppy parent.

Picking Up Pup:      Final Payment or full payment is due at time of pick up of your puppy.  You will receive
                                   your puppies shot record/bill of sale, health guarantee, a puppy packet, getting started hand
                                  out, a toy and puppy food.

Payments:                 We accept Cash or Debit Card Payment Only for final price of puppy purchase.